We have had the opportunity to capture some great energy for different construction companies in Michigan such as Kent Companies and Pioneer Construction. We have traveled all over Michigan and to Texas to capture the work that these companies have done. Bellow are a few examples of what we have done for them. We also create final videos of buildings that are completed such as what we have done for Foundation Hotel. As we grow we have realized that the construction industry is one that we know and document well. Take a look and stay tuned for more. 


This video is a brief story of how Kent Companies changed one of their employees perception of concrete. 

This video is a hire trailer that Kent Companies used to target potential future employees on Facebook. Within the first two months this video got 22k views.

This video was recorded in Dallas at the job sites Kent as in Texas. This is a trailer a series of videos that will be coming out this fall. This edit was created in less than 24 hours from our last shoot.


These are a series of videos we created for Foundation Hotel. These videos were created for their social media with the purpose of showing the style and detail that the hotel has. 



This is one of the project update videos that we make for the company. This video is used to keep empoyees and clients updated. 

This is one of the weekly safety videos that we produce for Pioneer. These range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on what is being communicated. We have made one video every week for the last 3 years. 

This is a video we did where Pioneer talks about their purpose and explanation of how they practice green building.