The Carbon Internship is the an opportunity to learn more about the creative industry. You will explore every aspect of creating in an environment of learning, growing, and development. Using our resources, Carbon interns are given the opportunity to learn from our very own creators through real world experiences. Our program is twelve weeks long, with each week focusing on a different aspect of videography, and photography.

Our Carbon Interns create media around different things going on in Grand Rapids. They are assigned different people and businesses to highlight. They are also taught skills from our Carbon Creators through weekly workshops.



Starts June 10th till August 30th

Wednesday and Friday 10am-3pm Every week


17 Years or older 

Must work within scheduled time


In order to apply you must follow the instructions below

  1. Fill out the form below

  2. Email our Internship Coordinator your created content described here. Applications are due May 31, 2019 at 5pm.

  3. If selected you will have an interview with the Carbon Stories team.

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Examples of Intern Work