The Carbon Internship is the gateway into becoming a Carbon creator. You will explore every aspect of creating in an environment of learning, growing, and development. Using our resources, Carbon interns are given the opportunity to learn from our very own creators through real world experiences. Our program is twelve weeks long, with each week focusing on a different aspect of videography, photography, and project management. Details below:

Start date: January 7th

End date: April 1st

Applications close: November 30th

Acceptance Date: December 7th

Decisions will be made on creativity and resourcefulness, not necessarily on quality of the content. We understand that resources are limited as well as experience. The number one requirement we have is creativity. You can have all the skills in the world and the best equipment, but without creativity, it will be difficult to create something truly exceptional.

Email: with any questions.

Internship Application


  • Pick a product

  • Make a “commercial” style video with a call to action that’s approximately 1 minute long

  • Due on November 30th


  • Pick a product

  • Make a series of photos with an intentional purpose to promote on social media

  • Due on November 30th

All applications are due on November 30th.

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