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Why We Create


Carbon is a creative agency that tells stories and shares experiences through numerous media forms, including; photography, videography, graphic design and print media. Carbon strategically markets and creates content which provides clients with a clear representation of who they are. With created media, we are able to solve problems by storytelling. Looking at the intended audience's needs, we focus on what should be highlighted and communicated to achieve our client's goals.


Who We Are

Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Vincent McIntosh

Founder/Creative Director 

Founder/Creative Director 

Erik Lauchié

Lead Film Creator

Lead Film Creator

Matt Horling

Carbon Creators


Gray Zeldes

Layah Quinn

David Munyagwa

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Hadi Almatar


Victoria Woolpert

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Albert Mvula


Courtney Hatfield

Marc Gerst

Taylor Janson

Bryce Wallace

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Leandro Lara

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Jacob McKim

Madison Ash

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Bryce Boverhof

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