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Creator of the Month: Taylor

“‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ -Wayne Gretzky” - Michael Scott

Taylor has been a creator for Carbon Stories since January of 2017 and has served on roughly 30 projects. Taylor prefers to work as a videographer as he has more skill and practice in the art. Our Lead Creator, Matthew Horling, invited Taylor to join the team after working together in high school as broadcasting partners. From this experience and prior knowledge, he knew Taylor would be a great fit for the company.


Taylor's favorite project thus far has been with Kalamazoo Mortgage. Taylor explains, "the clients know what they want and make working with them comfortable with the personable and laid back environment. They want to ensure that Carbon Creators have a good time while working."

Taylor is currently attending Grand Rapids Community College with the intention of a degree in business and enjoys eating pizza in his free time! We are very lucky to have Taylor as a creator and look forward to what he has to bring for the future of Carbon Stories!


How are you growing in the area of content creation?

I have been able to learn the skills that are necessary and improve my work everyday. The work I do at Carbon has given me the opportunity to learn and practice my videography skills.

Why do you create?

It's a lifestyle.. like how people can relate to a song. Creating is a lifestyle and I enjoy creating.


What does it mean to be a Carbon Creator to you?

Being a creator means that I get do what I enjoy for a living instead of going to a factory everyday. I get to help share others’ stories and get to know the community and the city of Grand Rapids better.

What projects have you worked on this year?

A project that I have worked on is one we did for William C. Abney Acadamy. We finished up the project late summer and it was cool to see those videos create the impact that they were looking for. 


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