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Fall Promo

I have been working on a promotional campaign with one of our clients, Munyagwa Apparel. The objective of this campaign is to build and establish the clothing brand. We are accomplishing this in the form of short promotional videos and also photos. Below are the first two videos I have created for the brand. Each video was developed to build excitement around the up and coming fall collection that Munyagwa is announcing. 

These two videos both have the purpose of showing that great things are coming for Munyagwa. We have broken up the types of videos we will make into three categories. Each video can blend into at least two categories but we do have main focuses. Lifestyle, Studio, and The Process. All three types of videos promote the brand and build a culture around what Munyagwa is and stands for. We are recording more videos in the coming weeks and will continue to update the blog. - Erik Lauchié


The other three promo videos.

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