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In January 2015, Forbes Magazine ranked Grand Rapids the 2nd worst economy in America for African-Americans. Depending on where you live in the city or what ethnicity you are this news may not be shocking.

In photo David Munyagwa Founder of

In photo David Munyagwa Founder of


Coming from Detroit, a city that is not the best economically but with many black owned businesses, the hardships for black entrepreneurs and the lack of successful minority owned businesses in the city of Grand Rapids is quite obvious to me.


Taking part in networking events such as Black Women Connect and GRABB (Grand Rapids All Area Black Businesses), I realize that there is a whole separate city within Grand Rapids; the community of black entrepreneurs. It’s not that there aren’t black entrepreneurs in the city because I’ve seen and met tons but we just are hidden. Hidden behind lack of resources and generations of money.

In photo Tyler Shumpert fashon blogger

In photo Tyler Shumpert fashon blogger


Since I’ve moved to Grand Rapids in 2014, I’ve witnessed so much growth in this city. Not just the new and bigger buildings but culture as well. More recently I’ve noticed the growth and unity of black business owners. This is due to the efforts of Jamiel Robinson, founder of GRABB, as well as other organizations who strive to empower black and minority businesses. I know that by being apart of a black owned creative agency, I am also taking part in the growth and change that is to come for Grand Rapids. I believe that one day, Grand Rapids will be one of the top cities economically, not just for African-Americans, but for all races. As we do more Video Production in Grand Rapids we get a first hand look

Carbon Stories Team

Carbon Stories Team


Written by Layah Photos by Leo

A Recap: We Surpassed Our 2015 Goals, Ahead In 2016

The second annual Carbon Stories meeting was an inspiring one. It’s amazing to see the progress the Carbon team has made in just one year after Carbon Stories became more than an idea. Not only have our achievements shown in numbers, but we’ve improved our practices in intangible ways. Thank you to our incredible supporters, you make such a positive difference. Special shout out to @Blue35 for having the perfect place to celebrate our accomplishments and create new goals.

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"Leather is timeless"

We just completed a video for Brothers Leather and I am honored that we were able to touch on the passion that they have behind the products they design and sell. The founder of Brothers is one of those people that you rarely meet in business. This is because of how genuine he is about supporting and growing not just his brand but also others. Working with Adam has been great and we look forward to our future projects with him and his team. Take a look at the video below and head over to their website.

Fall Promo

I have been working on a promotional campaign with one of our clients, Munyagwa Apparel. The objective of this campaign is to build and establish the clothing brand. We are accomplishing this in the form of short promotional videos and also photos. Below are the first two videos I have created for the brand. Each video was developed to build excitement around the up and coming fall collection that Munyagwa is announcing. 

These two videos both have the purpose of showing that great things are coming for Munyagwa. We have broken up the types of videos we will make into three categories. Each video can blend into at least two categories but we do have main focuses. Lifestyle, Studio, and The Process. All three types of videos promote the brand and build a culture around what Munyagwa is and stands for. We are recording more videos in the coming weeks and will continue to update the blog. - Erik Lauchié


The other three promo videos.